Birch Photo Panel [20 cm Square]


Tax included.

Custom photo panel printed on white birch

You can pick the orientation and sizes that match your favorite image. It's fun to hang numbers of small frames to decorate the entire wall, or pick the one favorite image to keep it simple. On the walls, or on your desk, display and share your memories that you can never forget.

You can easily hang it using the groove on the back of the panel. All you need is two push pins.

By printing the image directory to the wood panel, the color of memories will blend into warm natural wood grain and create the unique sepia toned texture. White color on the image will be able to take the advantage of wood grain. However, some dark colors will create a unique texture as well.

[Size and weight]
20cm × 20cm1.5cm thick|370g
Weight may vary from 10 to 20g depending on the density of the wood.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Each expression is different because it uses a natural material and finish with one person by one person. I think that scars and scars attached in the growth process are also enjoyed as the taste of the material.

[About the cut range of the photo]
The photos are slightly larger than the panel to prevent the printing from coming out and the background prevents the background. Uploaded photosThe surrounding 3mm is cut offPlease note that. [Image ↓]

[About hull, scratches, missing end face]
The back may have a large section. There may be small flushes, black streaks, points, etc. on the print plane, but we will manufacture it in consideration of the face of the person as much as possible. [Image ↓]

The back may have a mark of repair patches.This is a mark that repairs the section where the section dropped.There is no patch on the print plane.[Image ↓]

The side of the sloppy may come out on the side.
Section says that the clause has fallen away from the wooden part.[Image ↓]

There may be a burnt trace with a cutlery at the time of cutting. In addition, some slightness and end face chipping are polished and shipped. note that.[Image ↓]

[Other Notes]
※ If the resolution of the uploaded image is low, it will be a blurred finish.
※ Some warpage may come out for wood.

Nationwide uniform shipping fee 350 yen
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It will be delivered by Yamato Takkyubin.
If you wish to specify delivery date and timeHerePlease confirm.

We will ship within 3 to 7 business days.
※ Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays, GW and Obon have a rest.
※ You may receive time depending on the stock status. (Up to 7 business days)

Shipment completion The day after sending mail, it will be delivered the next day.
※ Shikoku Shikoku is the next day after shipment, the other region is delivered the next day. (Except for some remote islands)
※ Delay may occur due to disaster, traffic situation, etc.

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Customer's convenience returns and replacement can not be accepted.

※ We can not accept return / exchange of custom made goods at all.
※ We will replace the product due to the size error.

Please note that wood products differ in one by one because of natural materials.

Please contact us by email or phone if the product delivered is contaminant, corrupt, size, or different colors. We will promptly send exchanges.
If the replacement product is sold out, it will be compatible with refund.

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