A designer and a surfer, the partner in crime. KIBACOWORKS was established by two men who grew up together.

The eternal soul of surf, skateboarding, art, and music is in the DNA of our designs at KIBACOWORKS.

Proudly designed and manufactured at a small shop in Kamakura, the sanctuary of real craftsmanship in Japan.



It all started with our spirit of Japan and traditional craftsmanship.

Our history is rooted at a small souvenir shop in Dobuita Street, selling iPhone cases with Japanese bamboo materials and traditional Japanese patterns for foreign tourists. This is the begging of our style, and it still exists through our products.

In 2015, we moved our shop near our hometown, Kamakura, and KIBACOWORKS was officially born.

We were fascinated by the laser engraving and the freedom of wood to create whatever we wanted as long as we had our own inspiration.  We have created various products such as the Bamboo Key Tag and Bamboo Brim caps.

We believe that our unique products, covered with the warmth of wood and bamboo, will bring people a little happiness in their lives.



ZIP code 247-0061
1521-1 Nakamura Building 1F Dai Kamakura Kanagawa, JAPAN
Business Hours : 10am - 7pm (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)