Each product has a different character because they are made of natural materials and finished by hand. We hope that you will enjoy those characters from nature as a taste of the material.

[About cropping the images.]
Due to maintaining the quality of images, we will print the images slightly larger than the wood panel. Please note that the 3mm around your uploaded photo will be cropped. [Image ↓]

[About nodes and other unique textures of wood.]
There can be some nodes on the back of the panel. You could find some small nodes, thin black lines, or dots on the print side. However, we will keep them away from the faces in the image. [Image ↓]

There may be traces of repair patches on the back. This is a patch where a node fell out and was repaired. There will be no patch on the printed side. [Image ↓]

Gaps may appear on the sides due to loose nodes.

A loose node is a node that has separated from the wood and fallen out.

 [Image ↓]

There may be some burnt marks left by the blade during the cutting process. If there are any chips on the edges, we will finish them before shipping. [Image ↓]

[Other Notes]

If the resolution of the image you upload is not high enough, the result will look faded.

Some slight warps may occur due to the nature of the wood.