Hang your memories.

Choose your orientation.

Portrait? Or Landscape?

Choose the orientation and sizes that match your favorite image.

You can hang numbers of small frames to decorate the entire wall, or pick the one favorite image to keep it simple.

On the walls, or on your desk, display and share your memories that you can never forget.


Photos and grain

The unique texture and warmth of wood grain. Every single panel will be made by hand.

By printing the image directory to the wood panel, the color of memories will blend into warm natural wood grain and create the unique sepia toned texture.

Beautiful Timber


It has a beautiful stripe pattern on the edge of the panel.

The contrast between the white of the birch and the brown of the adhesive layer creates this striped pattern.

You can easily hang it using the groove on the back of the panel. All you need is two push pins.

bring good luck


To express the vivid color of the image, we use a beautiful Finland birch called "white birch".

In Scandinavia, white birch sprouts at the end of winter.

White birch, also known as the tree of happiness, is the tree that heralds the arrival of spring, which everyone is looking forward to. It is popularly known as a lucky tree that brings good luck.

In Finland, five trees must be planted for every one cut down by law to maintain a sustainable natural environment.


Handmade commitment

We carefully cut off the plywood by hand.

From sanding and printing, to finishing the panels, our craftsmanship is alive on every single detail of our products, imagine the person who will enjoy the best moment of their life.

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