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Behind the Scenes

bamboo KEYTAG

The Bamboo Keychains are made with finest sliced bamboo materials.

The production process starts with laser engraving.
We choose materials that will bring out the colors most as we engrave.


One by one by human hands

Since bamboo can easily split along the grain, we carefully laminate each panel in order to cross the grains to increase durability.

This is the process to convert delicate materials to reliable accessories that you can take any adventures.



After engraving the edge to get rid of burn marks and trim the shape,
we finish the products with sandpaper by hand.

Every day, our artisans spend a great amount of time sanding.
It's the most humble of all the tasks, and the most time-consuming.

But it is also the process that makes the most difference in the finished product.



The beautiful bamboo grain shines after one single coat of brush.
This is the best moment of the whole process.
We use plant based oil to finish our keychains.

After drying and wiping off some excess oils,
we apply eyelet to reinforce the ring hole and attach the exclusive vintage taste key ring.


What we can do

From the design idea to production,
we proudly operate our whole process at one spot and deliver to you onetime.
At the workshop,
you will find our craftsmanship in every single detail.

Which means, we do not compromise on the quality of our products.


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