About year-end and New Year business

It was only a few places left this year.
It is an announcement of sales of the New Year's Day.

[New Year holiday]
December 29 (Tuesday) -January 3 (Sun)

This year's sales are until December 28,Shipping within the year is ordered from 10 am 28thPlease let me know. Subsequent orders will be shipped sequentially from January 4th.

As orders are accepted for the New Year's New Year, please use it!

In 2020, it is zero event stores such as Greenroom Festival, which were looking forward to every year due to Corona's influence.
It was very disappointing because it was a place to interact with customers and other shops.

Instead, the time to focus on the Instagram and Online Store has increased, and there were many opportunities to exchange with many followers and DM, and it was very fun and busy and over a year.
I think I will meet you at every region next year!

Then thank you for your 2021!