[Until April 28th] Mother's Day limited plan is also only the rest

Set of birch photos panel and dried flower bouquet. It was the first time an attempt this year, but I have a lot of orders. Thank you very much.

A photo of a baby and mom, children who are fine elementary school students.
Photos when traveling to a trip with the family, Grandpa and Grandma.
A photo of a wedding and memories of the film camera.

Some photos have a picture of each customer and come to the chest.

Now that it does not open a store in the recent situation, it is not possible to find out the appearance of customers who are across the screen while you can not see each other's face in SNS and online stores, and you can confirm the appearance of customers in the other side of the screen.

There are only the remaining orders for orders and April 28th.
We look forward to your wonderful memories from everyone!